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Primers Programme



The Primers Programme is based on the theme of Service and Leadership. It primarily caters to Boys who have participated in the Juniors and/or Seniors Programme and youths who did not have the opportunity to join the BB before. Brigade-level courses are held to offer leadership exposures as well as skills development. A brigade-level overseas expedition is also organised to offer unique leadership opportunities for Primers in unfamiliar settings. Primers also take part in our national community service projects, namely, BB Share-a-Gift and BB CARES.

The president's award

President's Award
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The President’s Award is the highest award in the BB Programme. It is presented to Primers who have successfully completed the demanding requirements in leadership and service in the community, as well as in the BB as adventure activity leaders or event planners. 


To be eligible for The President’s Award, Primers must have:
  • Attained the BB Senior Proficiency Award of the Seniors Programme; 
  • Successfully participated in personal development courses such as Leadership and Management Programme, Character Education Course as stipulated by the Primers Programme Committee and Citizenship Programme; 
  • Served and led in a BB Company unit or a Brigade Activity for one and a half years; 
  • Undertaken community service with their respective Primers Company, representing or involving their sponsoring bodies, and participated in the BB CARES Programme and the BB Share-a-Gift Project, or other community service projects; and 
  • Undertaken the Primers Challenge.


Day Dress
The Day Dress is the attire worn on most parades, consisting of a white short-sleeve shirt and dark blue pants (or dark blue skirts for female Primers).

The following are also worn:
  • Cap with cap badge
  • Belt
  • Epaulettes
  • Name Tag
  • Blue Lanyard
  • Dark blue socks
  • Black shoes
Musketry edt.jpg
Musketry Dress
This attire is designed to be worn for musketry training and is suitable for drill practice or less formal occasions. It consists of the blue BB regulation T-shirt, name tag and dark blue pants (dark blue skirts for ladies). Cap, belt and black shoes (court shoes for ladies) are also worn. Primers Field Rank is also to be worn.

Fatigue Dress
This attire is for informal occasions or when fatigue duties are performed.  It consists of the blue BB regulation T-shirt, name tag, dark blue pants/skirts for ladies or blue jeans (outdoor activities).  Running shoes with dark blue socks is to be worn. Primers field rank is also to be worn.
PT Kit edt.jpg
PT Kit
This attire is for outdoor activities such as games or sports. It consists of the blue BB regulation T-shirt, name tag, dark blue shorts, dark blue socks and running shoes.