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Seniors Programme

SeniorS programme


The Seniors Programme has the largest membership numbers amongst the four programmes in the BB. Through the proficiency awards scheme, Boys acquire skills and knowledge in the areas of Leadership, Personal Mastery, Global Awareness and Community Spiritedness. In addition, brigade-level competitions, leadership development courses and community service projects such as BB Share-a-Gift and BB CARES offers opportunities for exposure and skills development. Our Boys also represent the Brigade in national-level events such as the National Day Parade.

founder's award

The Founder's Award is the highest and most prestigious award in the Seniors Programme.  As part of the criteria for this award, Secondary 3 & 4 Boys who are aiming for this award are to participate in approved Brigade-level activities or perform duties in the Brigade.  


Recipients of the Founder’s Award must have satisfied the following requirements:
  • Attained the proficiency badges as stipulated by the Seniors Programme Committee. 
  • Attended at least 75 parades in the three years prior to application. 
  • Demonstrated outstanding conduct and character. 
  • Be recommended by the Company Captain, with the support and endorsement of the sponsoring bodies. 
  • Completed involvement in a Brigade-level event that the Seniors Programme Committee approved for the purpose of the Founder’s Award application. 
  • Be found suitable to be awarded the Founder’s Badge through the assessment structure decided by the Brigade Executive.