The Boys' Brigade in Singapore



Enriching young lives since 1930.

First for Youths Mentoring Youths in Character & Citizenship Education

About Us

The Boys' Brigade was founded on 4 October 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith in Glasglow, Scotland. It is one of the world's first uniformed organisation for youth. The Boys' Brigade in Singapore desires to nurture all-rounded and world-ready members. 

Mentoring Youths

BB Officers

BB Officers play an instrumental role in nurturing our members. Through mentoring and coaching, they instil values of integrity, self-discipline as well as care and concern for others.


Impacting the community

BB Programme

We offer an exciting array of adventure activities aimed at developing character, leadership and team building skills. Through the proficiency awards scheme, our members acquire skills and knowledge on personal mastery, leadership, global awareness and community spiritedness.

Impacting the community

Reaching Out

The BB Share-a-Gift is a community service project that mobilises more than 3,500 members and thousands of volunteers to collect and distribute grocery items and gifts to the needy.