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A shared journal about people of The Boys' Brigade in Singapore. Experience impactful moments, enjoy the fun and games; and take a glimpse into the thoughts and motivations of the members of our BB Family!

SCL Vincent goh

SCL Vincent Goh Choon Ta (2)_edited.jpg
SCL Vincent Goh with his platoon mates at his Company’s adventure camp! (pictured in last row, seventh from right)
The camps my Company organises, especially the adventure camps, are the experiences I enjoyed most with my platoon as that was where I truly bonded with my platoon mates. We worked through the tough times together, which included the planning of games and sleeping late just to get things done.

 I recall one incident when a teammate of mine fell and hurt his knee during one of the camps. All the other teammates offered to carry his bag, which allowed him to continue despite his injury.
During camps, we were able to forge friendships while helping each other as true friends who care about one another.

SCL Vincent Goh Choon Ta
Serving in 21st Singapore Company,
Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)
Studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic
31 Oct 2018

junior raphael tan


I feel proud of being in The Boys' Brigade as I think it's
 different from other uniformed groups. I like BB camps; especially the one in June because we played laser tag, archery and went to the Air Force Museum. 

I admire the Head Boy of my BB Company, Josiah, because he's very helpful, caring and always listens to our problems. 

To my Officers, thank you for caring for me and helping me practice for this year's Character Quest (CQ). It's because of you that we could get 1st Runner Up. Without you, I couldn't do as well in CQ.

Junior Raphael Tan
12BR (J) Singapore Company
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
4 September 2018 

CLT Gavin ong

CLT Gavin Ong 11th Coy_edited.jpg

The BB cap is my most memorable item in Boys' Brigade. To me, the cap and its badge really shows BB as an identity whenever the public looks at us. 

I think it is a symbol that shows what The Boys' Brigade really is about; that every Boy should possess the values of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect. 

CLT Gavin Ong
Serving in 11th Singapore Company at Christ Church Secondary School
Studying at Nanyang Polytechnic
7 August 2018

CLT Lu yong wei  

20180315_092126 - Lu Yong Wei 49th Coy_edited.jpg

The most memorable experience I had was a drill parade. In Secondary 2, I was egotistical and was very proud of myself. As a result, I had a very bad attitude as I felt that I was always right and others were wrong.

During this unforgettable drill parade, I was unhappy with my senior as I felt that he was wasting my time. As a result, I was enraged throughout the parade. At the end of the parade, my Officer asked which NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) position I wanted and I said, "CSM (Company Sergeant Major - top position)". He then said, "With that prideful attitude, you should not be in the NCO Council."

I broke down that day and a few days later, I reflected on my actions and that gave me a new perspective. This was the start of my new journey, with Officers and seniors to support me. I served as the head of Logistics, and attained Best Boy (in the BB Company), Warrant Officer and Founder's Men (highest award in the Seniors Programme) in Secondary 4.

CLT Lu Yong Wei
Serving in 49th Singapore Company at St Hilda's Secondary School
Studying in Temasek Polytechnic
29 June 2018 

PTE Jevon chee  

Jevon small.jpg
I was from the 78J Singapore Company (Yew Tee Primary School) and enjoyed my time in the BB. I decided to join the BB in Secondary School because I wanted to progress further in the CCA. Even though the Officers were strict, they taught us many values. Boys listened and learnt well from them. More importantly, I felt that the activities that we do are much more interesting than other CCAs! 
PTE Jevon Chee (in white t-shirt)
91st Singapore Company
Regent Secondary School
25 May 2018



DSC03644.JPG        Pranit is featured at the extreme right of the picture

Attaining the Best Boy Award is probably one of the best things that happened to me after 4 years of service in the Boys' Brigade.  Making a bunch of goofy friends is another.  However, one of the most memorable moment that happened to me recently was spraying water all over my Officers using a water gun during the Water Game held to welcome the Secondary One recruits.  Getting to splash around with my friends and spray water all over our Officers was awesome!

                                                                                       10th Singapore Company
Beatty Secondary School
24 April 2018


LTA Patrick Koh

blaze 2012.jpg
Brigade Vice President (Back row, second from the right)
"I joined The Boys' Brigade in 1989. I was first drawn to the BB by the smart uniform and shimmering badges. In the course of five years in the Company, I collected all the badges a Boy could possibly get.   

As I looked back, what I gained from the BB that lasted till this day is the Band of Brothers whom I am still actively in touch with. The friendships that lasted till today way surpassed the badges and uniform that I was first drawn to." 

Brigade Vice President 
83J Singapore Company
MacPherson Primary School
1 February 2018 

LTA Lam wee woon

blaze 2012.jpg
Captain of the 48th Singapore Company (Seated Bottom Right)
"My favourite memory about BB is from 2012 when participating teams from the 48th Singapore Company came in as Champions and Second Runner-up for the BB Blaze. (BB  Blaze is a 40km endurance race across Singapore that incorporates sports such as cycling, rafting, abseiling, archery, etc.)  

It was after much training and hard work. Everyone from the Boys to the trainers were diligent and motivated to achieve this feat. This was after having achieved a similar accomplishment 8 years ago in  2004  when our Boys team and  Open team came in as Champions in their categories whilst the Boys Relay team came in 2nd place. 

This 2012 victory was sweeter for me as an Officer and trainer because I saw how the 2 teams pulled through adversities such as injuries during the race to overcome all odds to achieve victory by giving their best as well as their all." 
48th Singapore Company
Zhonghua Secondary School
17 January 2018 

LTA Poh Leong berg

Motif 1.jpg
Brigade President (Facing the Boys, wearing a cap)
"I remembered back then when I was younger and actively serving as an Officer in the 23rd Singapore Company, I did many outdoor and adventure activities, together with the Officers and Boys. In particular, I would have an annual canoeing camp over 2 weekends with the Boys during the March holidays.  I remembered getting sunburnt, yes very bad sunburn, where my skin was very red and would then peel after a couple of days lasting about a week.

During the canoeing sessions, we had fun while learning different canoeing skills. After mastering the skills, we would have a mini expedition on the last day to Seletar Island and back to Sembawang Park, which took us a couple of hours.  From this activity, values such as teamwork, leadership, resilience, and adventurous spirit, which is about being daring to try, having a can-do and never-say-die attitude were gained.

Deep friendships were forged and whenever we meet, this is one event we will usually talk about, the pain and the achievement."
Brigade President
23rd Singapore Company
Springfield Secondary School
12 January 2018