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BB Structure

The Boys' Brigade has spread across the world since our formation in 1883 in Scotland. 

Today, we have grown as a youth organisation with over half a million members worldwide.


Honorary President
LG (Ret) Winston Choo, DUBC, PJG, BBM, PPA, PBM

Honorary Vice-Presidents (Clerical)
Bishop Rennis Ponniah (Anglican)
Bishop Terry Kee (Lutheran)
Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung (Methodist)
Rev Dr Christopher Chia (Presbyterian)
Honorary Vice-Presidents (Lay)
Dr Lee Soo Ann, PBM
Mr Lee Liat Cheng, BBM
Mr Sam Tan Boon Yeow, PBM
Mr Peter Tay Yew Beng
Mr Peter Foo Chien Ho, PBM
Mr Choo Gim Kang
Mr Tan Kok Heng, PPA, PP, PBS
Dr Ho Yew Kee


The Brigade Executive is the decision-making body of The Boys' Brigade, empowered to lead the organisation by making strategic policies that will propel the organisation ahead of its time.

Since January 2007, the Brigade has implemented the Cluster Structure to facilitate dialogue, foster relationships and cooperation on the ground level.  There is a total of 10 Clusters with an average of 10 to 15 Companies in each cluster.   The cluster groupings were mapped in close alignment to the Ministry of Education school clusters.

Brigade President
Mr Poh Leong Berg

Mr Chong Loi Foong (Finance & Infrastructure)
Mr Patrick Koh Ley Boon (Future Operations)
Mr Wilson Tan Teck Hian (Strategic Partnerships)
Mr Vincent Tan Elliot (Innovation & Learning)

Brigade Secretary 
Mr Jason Lim Wei Hiong   

Assistant Brigade Secretary 
Mr Daryl Tan Jinn Wen

Brigade Treasurer 
Mr Richard Tan Chuan Lye 

Brigade Chaplain 
Rev Daniel Tong Wee Hwa 

Associate Brigade Chaplain
Rev Malcolm Tan Thian Hock

Standing Committees Chairmen 
Mr Liu Lijia (Juniors Programme) 
Mr Daren Hoon Wen Jie (Seniors Programme) 
Mr Ang Hoe Yong (Primers Programme)
Mr Oliver Loke Jia Wen (Training) 
Mr Tony Tan Tuan Tiong (Activities)
Mr Peter Leong (Facilities) 

Executive Director 
Mr Desmond Koh Yee Choy  

Cluster Representatives 
Mr Bay Qin Yao (North 1) 
Mr Daniel Lim Wei Chong (North 2)
- (North 3) 
Mr Daryl Chen Wei Ming (South 1) 
Mr Joel Tan Han Rong (South 2)  
Mr Low Jian Xin (East 1) 
Ms Diana Thio Chui Hwa (East 2) 
Mr Ho Yew Keong (West 1) 
Mr Timothy Tan Jiat Meng (West 2) 
Mr Edwin Lim Shun Wei (West 3)


The Brigade Office implements the strategic plans developed by the Brigade Executive.  It also ensures the smooth running of the day-to-day operations and the myraid of exciting programmes such as national level events and trainings for thousands of our members across Singapore in the BB Companies.

Executive Director
Mr Desmond Koh
Deputy Director
Ms Ang Hui Leng

Executive (Director's Office)
Ms Jordan Toh

Corporate Services

Senior Supervisor (Finance & Admin) 
Ms Rosalind Fan
Senior Assistant (Finance & Admin)
Ms Fiona Chin 

Senior Supervisor (Facilities) 
Retail and Services Associate 
Mr Walter Tan
General Worker 
Ms Teo Choo Lan


Mr Jeremiah Lim

Assistant Manager
Mr Elijah Cheong

Senior Executives
Mr Nicholas Lim, Mr Keith Lee
Ms Tricia Kok


Mr Jack Chong


Mr Frederick Kwan


Ms Celine Low

officers uniform