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Juniors Programme


Juniors Programme


An exciting array of activities has been planned for Boys in the Juniors Programme. Through weekly parades and camps, Boys are developed in the following aspects:

  • Global Awareness
Boys connect with the rich history and legacy of BB as a local, regional and global movement, and develop a personal sense of mission as a member of the organisation.

  • Community Spiritedness
Boys explore the different groups of people and social needs present in society and work together to plan and execute a community service project.

  • Personal Mastery
Boys identify with mental and physical disciplines like time management, squad drills and reflection, to grow personal effectiveness and preparedness.

  • Leadership
Boys discover the basic building blocks of relational influence in the foundational leadership habits of encouragement, social initiative, trustworthiness and service to others.

Gold Award


The JP Gold Award is the highest award a Boy can attain in the Juniors Programme. The criteria for the Gold Award are as follows:

  • Primary 6 Boys only
  • Attendance in 80% of the parades in any 2 years (with minimum of 25 parades per year)
  • Completion of 4 hours of community service (BB-initiated: BB CARES or BB Share-a-Gift Project)
  • Attainment of 6 JP colour awards
  • Participation in the BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programmes) 



Day Dress

The Juniors Programme Day Dress (or Full Uniform) is the attire to be worn on most parades and consists of:

Regulation dark blue short sleeve shirt and shorts
Field service cap with cap badge
Junior crest sewed on left breast 
White nylon belt with chrome buckles
Regulation shoulder flashes and company designation 
Name tag
Dark blue socks
Black canvas shoes with laces

Fatigue Dress

This attire is for informal occasions or when fatigue duties are performed.

It consists of the blue BB regulation T-shirt and dark blue shorts with the white nylon BB belt with chrome buckles.  Boys will wear their canvas shoes. 

For Brigade level activities, events or courses that stipulate fatigue dress, only the BB Regulation blue (not Company) Polo T-shirt is to be worn.

PT Kit

For informal or sporting sessions, the PT kit consists of the blue BB regulation T-shirt, name tag and dark blue shorts. Boys will wear their running shoes with white socks. The name tag and field rank can be removed during games.


There are no Boys' ranks in the Juniors Programme, but specially selected Boys may be appointed as follows: 

  • Chief Leading Boy - Red lanyard is worn
  • Leading Boy / Squad Leader - White lanyard is worn
  • Assistant Leading Boy / Assistant Squad Leader - Blue lanyard is worn.