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Juniors Programme


Juniors Programme

An exciting array of activities has been planned for Boys in the Juniors Programme. Through weekly parades and camps, Boys are developed in the following aspects:

  • Global Awareness
Boys connect with the rich history and legacy of The Boys' Brigade (BB) as a local, regional and global movement, and develop a personal sense of mission as a member of the organisation.

  • Community Spiritedness
Boys explore the various societal needs present in the community while working together to plan and execute a community service project. Through this aspect, Boys develop empathy while caring for the society around them. Closer to their community, Boys are able to focus on family values through the BB's partnership with Focus on the Family Singapore as the Boys build a strong foundation for building and deepening familial relationships.

  • Personal Mastery
Boys identify with mental and physical disciplines like time management, squad drills and reflection, to grow personal effectiveness and preparedness.

  • Leadership
Boys discover the basic building blocks of relational influence in the foundational leadership habits of encouragement, social initiative, trustworthiness and service to others.

hear from a bb parent and boy!

Manfred Foong & parents (1).jpg
"By putting the values I learnt in action, I began to submit my school work punctually, cope with my emotions better and became a better team player!"

- Manfred Foong, 78J Singapore Company, Yew Tee Primary School

"Manfred gets to learn about various values and beliefs which we think has shaped him into a better student in school. The BB has built up his self-awareness and empathy towards others and most importantly, gave him the space and time to grow. As parents, we are thankful that the Officers and Teachers in BB provide exposure and learning opportunities to work on his strengths and weaknesses."

- Mr Whelan Foong, father of Manfred Foong

Gold Award


The JP Gold Award is the highest award a Boy can attain in the Juniors Programme. The criteria for the Gold Award are as follows:

  • Primary 6 Boys only
  • Attendance in 80% of the parades in any 2 years (with minimum of 25 parades per year)
  • Completion of 4 hours of community service (BB-initiated: BB CARES or BB Share-a-Gift Project)
  • Attainment of 6 JP colour awards
  • Participation in the BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programmes) 



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