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Planned Giving

planned giving

Planned giving is an area of fundraising that refers to several gift types that can be funded with cash, equity or property. They are referred to as such because they require more planning, negotiation and counsel than an outright gift. Planned gifts involve an arrangement between a donor and a non-profit organization and can be outright or deferred, meaning they can be arranged now and be fulfilled later.

It can take many forms and it offers many options to the donor. Planned gifts might include gifts through your will, gifts of life insurance, CPF, and charitable trusts. Planned gifts can be custom-designed to provide optimum benefits for both the donor and the registered charity. It usually comes from a donor's assets rather than income, and can either be outright or deferred, meaning they could be arranged now and/or be fulfilled later.

For any further enquiries about planned giving, please feel free to call the Brigade Office at 67370377 or email to bbhq@bb.org.sg