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The Officer Cadets Orientation Course was introduced with effect from 1 January 2006. The OCO will now be a pre-requisite for enrolling as an Officer Cadet as well as attending the Basic Officers Training Course (BOTC). The OCO course is to ensure that minimally, volunteers are equipped with the ethos, operations and recent development of the BB and updates on the MOE’s guidelines for Uniformed Groups.



 What can I learn?

  1. A deeper appreciation of the purpose and the work that the BB is doing.
  2. An understanding of what the BB expects of me as a BB Officer.
  3. How to operate an effective BB Company.
  4. New friends from other BB Companies whom you can network and share ideas with! 



All applicants need to have the endorsement from the Company Captain and Chaplain.


The OCO is also compulsory for those who are already an Officer Cadet prior to 1 January 2006, although they can still retain their rank.


IMPORTANT: There will be no refund of course fees or deferment of course. Applicants should consider carefully your commitment to the course prior to registration. Registration form will only be accepted upon receipt of payment.


These modules are covered over a 1 day period.





Overview of the BB (BB Object, Motto, Tradition and Programmes)

  The BB’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Directions


BB Beliefs and Methods


Roles and Responsibilities of an Officer


MOE’s guidelines on Uniformed Groups


Operating a BB Company


Basic governance of the BB: Structure, policies and guidelines

7. Test


Course Requirement

  • Full attendance for all the required modules.
  • Passing of the written test.
  • Submit a colour, passport-sized photograph of yourself.


Course Registration 

Please note that registration forms will only be accepted upon receipt of payment.


 OCO 02/17

Date 16 Sep 2017 (Sat)
Time 9am to 5pm
Venue BB Campus
Registration Closes 31 Jul 2017 (Mon)



Officer Cadet Day Dress

Course Fee

$30 per pax. Fee includes meals and course materials.


A complete registration consists of:

1. Hard copy of Application Form complete with photo and Captain and Chaplain's signatures

2. Soft copy of Application Form in excel format

3. Signed Acknowledgement Form

4. Payment of $30


The necessary forms can be found here:


 OCO Application Form 2016.xlsx 


 Acknowledgement Form 2016.pdf 


Please contact Mr Jeremiah Lim via email at Jeremiah_Lim@bb.org.sg for further details.