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BB Officers


BB Officers play an instrumental role in grooming and nurturing our Boys and Youths, to serve and lead in Singapore and the global community. Our Officers devote time and passion in mentoring BB members so that they can be developed to their fullest potential.


Key Differentiator


The BB is managed entirely by volunteers with the support of a small full-time staff team.  Many of our volunteers hold full time jobs but continue to devote time and energy towards the BB. A majority of them are old Boys who just want to give back a little of what the BB has done to enrich their lives when they were younger.

At the Company level, volunteer Officers, who are appropriately trained prior to their appointments, run the programme with the assistance of Liaison Teachers.  Every week, up to 700 volunteers, assisted by liaison teachers, organise activities and programmes for our members. They are motivated by the desire to make a difference in the lives of our Boys and in the community.


Officer Membership Card


From January 2007, BB Officers would have received a personalised membership card, which will identify them as trained and endorsed Officers by the Brigade Headquarters.

In order to reward our Officers, Brigade Office has also secured privileges for cardholders at outlets and venues. To find out more about the membership card and the benefits cardholders stand to enjoy, please contact the Brigade Office.

If you are an OCT, 2LT or LTA but have not received your card yet, please send in a passport-sized photo with your particulars via email to