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Seniors Programme Courses

Courses Registration 2017

Please note the following dates for the courses in 2017:



2017 Q1

2017 Q2

2017 Q3

2017 Q4



14 Jun, 21 Jun 


22 Nov, 6 Dec


15 Mar

1 Jun, 2 Jun

4 Sep, 5 Sep


Civil Defence

14 Mar

30 May, 6 Jun


23 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec



3/4 Jun

15/16 Jul, 5/6 Aug

9/10 Dec

Stage 3 Assessments


17 Jun

26 Aug

4 Nov


To help BB Companies, we will accept change of participants up to 2 weeks before the course commencement date.  In the case of such changes, please fill up the excel template below with all the names of your final list of Boys attending the course.  Forms must be properly filled up and completed to be accepted.   We will not be able to accommodate further changes or replacement of participants within 2 weeks of the course date.   There will be no refund for withdrawal of participants or absence due to medical reasons.


 Change Names Template.xlsx 



Awards Quarterly Returns

The Co-Curricular Activities Branch of the Ministry of Education requires the Brigade to submit a report for certain badge-works conducted in BB companies in each quarter of the year.


Captains and officers-in-charge are reminded to submit yourAwards Quarterly Report for each quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec) to us by the end of Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec respectively.


You can send your AQRs to Mr Elijah Cheonng via email at elijah_cheong@bb.org.sg or via fax at 6737 1676.

Awards Quarterly Report Format:

   Awards Quarterly Report 2015 - Blank for submission.doc 



Online Course Registrations

Officers can now register for the following SP courses online through the BB Members Online Portal at http://members.bb.org.sg:


  1. Anti-Drug Abuse
  2. Civil Defence
  3. SATA
  4. Leadership Development 2
  5. Stage 3 Assessments


Please proceed to make payment for your course once you have registered. Only after payment will your places in the course be confirmed. We will only hold your places till the first friday of the next month, when the monthly deregistration exercise will take place. Latest vacanies are also uploaded for your information.


There will be strictly no refund of course fees in the case of any withdrawal from the courses after payment has been made.


If you encounter any problems while using the system, please contact Mr Elijah Cheong at elijah_cheong@bb.org.sg to highlight the difficulties or seek clarification.


National Education Programmes

3 out of 5 of these National Education Programmes are required as requirement for the Founder's Award, in cases where Boys did not attain the National Event badge:

1. Heritage Badge

-    conducted by BB companies following the National Heritage Board Heritage Badge Guidelines (December 2004)


2. Energy Experience Programme

-   participation in the Energy Experience Programme organised by the Singapore Power Services, Electricity Efficiency Centre, for Sec 1-3 students

-   Register electronically via www.spservices.com.sg or contact the Electricity Efficiency Centre at 6823 8293 or via e-mail at eec@apower.com.sg


3. Anti-Drug Abuse Badge (previously known as SANA badge)

-   participation in the HQ-coordinated Anti-Drug Abuse Course organised by the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association 4 times a year (sign up via BB Members Portal)


4. Civil Defence Badge (previously known as Fireman’s badge)

-   participation in the HQ-coordinated Civil Defence Course organised by the Singapore Civil Defence Force, 3rd Division, 4 times a year (sign up via BB Members Portal)


5. Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association Course

    -   participation in the HQ-coordinated SATA Course organised by the SATA Comm Health 4 times a year (sign up via             BB Members Portal)


6. Remembrance Day Observance Ceremony

-   participation in the HQ-coordinated Remembrance Day Observance Ceremony organised by the Singapore Armed Forces Veterans League once a year in November (sign up via BB Members Portal)


Note: The Anti-Drug Abuse (SANA), Heritage, Remembrance Day, Energy Conservation and Civil Defence (Fireman's) badges are souvenir badges and not BB Proficiency badges. Therefore they should not be worn on the Uniform.