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Jimmy Koh Memorial Fund


This fund was set up in memory of Mr Jimmy Koh Chee Tat, Honorary Captain of 49th Singapore Company. To reflect Jimmy's passion for the Boys and his desire to see them be mentored, part of the fund goes into training Officers and awarding Boys from Companies that he was Captain of in previous years.


 About Mr Jimmy Koh



He has been described as the 'finest BB Officer we've known' and a man with a lot of patience and love for the Boys and Officers.


Mr Jimmy Koh was an Officer who served the Lord wholeheartedly. One of his mottos was to lead by example, as he often did, by putting the needs of his Boys before his own and acting out of love, over the call of duty.


He had the peace that comes from knowing Jesus and understood the responsibility of seeing to the salvation of the Boys under his care. He knew clearly that the mission of Officers in The BB was to advance Christ's Kingdom by moulding Boys through the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.


With the peace comes joy that he seemed to exude perpetually, even in times of difficulty or sadness. Those who have worked with him would testify to him smiling or laughing often.


The legacy that Mr Jimmy Koh has left behind for us all, is that in all we do, we are to remain 'Sure & Stedfast', always focusing our eyes on God, as He is always there to oversee situations and make a way for everything.