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Founder's Award


The Founder's Award is the highest and most prestigious award in the Seniors Programme.  As part of the criteria for this award, Secondary 3 & 4 Boys who are aiming for this award are to participate in approved Brigade-level activities or perform duties in the Brigade.  The BB Share-A-Gift project is the only Founder's Award project for Boys.



Founder's Award 2014 - Application 


Opening of Applications for the Founder’s Award


Registration is now open, please apply using the Revised Founder’s Award Application Form


As with last year, Captains are to submit a Captain’s Report in the format of a Rubric Assessment.  One Microsoft Excel File with Captain’s Rubric Assessment for each Applicant on a separate worksheet within the same Microsoft Excel File, should be submitted for each company by email to Ms Kelly Koh via email at kelly_koh@bb.org.sg.


Similar to last year,  two Referee’s Reports should be submitted for each Applicant.


All of these documents may now be downloaded at the BB Officers Online Portal at http://officers.bb.org.sg > Resources > Seniors > Founder’s Award > Founder’s Award 2014.  


Companies may collect one ring file per company for the application submission from the BB Shop during Shop opening hours. 


The submissions to be filed using the ring file should include the following sections:


Section A

All personal documents relating to each Founder’s Award Applicant is to be filed into one plastic folder for submission.  The number of plastic folders in a Company’s ring file should correspond to the number of Founder’s Award Applicants that are from the company.  Companies are to know how many Founder’s Award Applicants they have before asking for the plastic folders from the BB Shop.


Section B

One set of verifying documents for the entire cohort of a Company’s Founder’s Award Applicants including attendance records, Form 32A etc.  The names of the Founder’s Award Applicants should be highlighted on these documents. You are advised to submit a duplicated copy of documents.


The completed applications should reach the Brigade Office by 28 Mar 2014 (Fri), 6.00pm.  Late submissions, incomplete submissions, and submissions that do not adhere to the stipulated formats will not be entertained. All applicants shall be responsible for ensuring that all required documents are complete at the time of submission of application. They will be asked to sign a declaration at the time of submission. The Brigade Office shall not be responsible for checking and reminding applicants of any missing data.


Should you have any queries, please contact Ms Kelly Koh at 6737 0377, ext. 117 or via email at kelly_koh@bb.org.sg