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What is BB CARES?


BB CARES (Community Activities Rallying Everyone to Serve) involves all BB Companies in a day of fun and meaningful community activities, achieving our mission of nurturing youths to serve and lead. Committed to serve the community, BB Companies can partner ANY organisation to organise activities that involve the learning and development of our Boys and impacting the community around them. 


Developing our Youths


BB CARES is a wonderful learning opportunity for our Boys. The project is most rewarding when our Boys identify and are able to articulate values learnt through service.

Teach and nurture our Boys to serve and lead with BB CARES.

Let them take the lead in organising while Officers facilitate the process of planning and reflection using the Values In Action model.


Rallying Everyone to Serve!


BB CARES is a great opportunity to engage your school, parents and stakeholders to serve in meaningful community activities.

Do invite fellow classmates and friends from other uniform groups, teachers, families and churches to join you!



Step To Step Guide to a Successful BB CARES


Step 1: Engage Stakeholders

  • Organise BB CARES within the Company or partner with another BB Company.
  • Engage stakeholders, school or church to participate in the activities.


Step 2: Identify Learning Objectives

  • Boys form teams to identify learning objectives, value and character components they can achieve in BB CARES.
  • Teams can brainstorm ideas for the activities while Officers facilitate the planning process.
  • Worksheets are available online to facilitate planning.


Step 3: Engage Organisations

  • Engage and partner organisations that share a similar objective or theme with your BB CARES activities.
  • They can value add the activities with available resources and expertise.


Step 4: Plan Activity

  • Download Pre Event Report from www.bb.org.sg, fill it up and submit BEFORE conducting BB CARES.
  • This informs the Brigade Office of the activity and provide any required assistance if needed.
  • Submit Pre Event Report via email to frederick_kwan@bb.org.sg.


Step 5: Post BB CARES


Step 6: BB CARES Weekend of 23rd or 24th July 2016

  • BB Companies are strongly encouraged to commit the weekend of 23rd July 2016 for BB CARES.
  • If you are unable to conduct BB CARES in the proposed weekend, please email Mr. Frederick Kwan at frederick_kwan@bb.org.sg.


Thank you and looking forward to an exciting BB CARES 2016!