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For a youth-focused organisation such The Boys’ Brigade, organising meaningful community service programmes and activities are instrumental in nurturing our Boys into tomorrow’s leaders. Large-scale projects, such as the BB Share-a-Gift and BB CARES, an event of the Annual President’s Challenge, create opportunities for our Boys to plan, organise and lead. Through these projects, they will acquire leadership and management skills in their various roles, and find creative solutions to resolve obstacles and problems along the way.




Engaging our Boys in community service also helps them immerse and better understand the community they live in. By interacting and moving out of their comfort zone to help others in need, our Boys build a greater sense of belonging and attachment to society. Values of caring and sharing for the less fortunate are also inculcated and reinforced in them. This need not even be confined to our shores. One example is our youth development efforts through The Boys’ Brigade Learning Centre (BBLC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  This provides exposure for our Boys as they learn to help their peers in another country and also help them better appreciate their blessed environment back home.