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83rd Annual General Meeting 25 November 2016

The 83rd Annual General Meeting of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore was held on 25 November 2016 at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, sponsoring church of the 7th Singapore Company at St Andrew’s Secondary School.


At the start of the meeting, the Brigade Colours was marched in, followed by a time of praise and worship led by Mr Leroy Mortimer, Captain, 36th Singapore Company.


Brigade Chaplain, Rev Malcolm Tan, shared on A Steadfast Love in Changing Times, drawing inspiration from Lamentations 3:21-27.


Dr Ho Yew Kee, who will be stepping down as Brigade President at the end of the year, delivered his opening address to the Brigade Council.  Dr Ho had served as Brigade President from 2013 to 2016 and we thank him for his leadership and service to The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore.


This was followed by a financial update by the Brigade Treasurer, Mr Eric Teo and an update of the Brigade’s activities encapsulated in the Annual Report by Executive Director, Mr Desmond Koh.  (From left to right: Mr Desmond Koh, Dr Ho Yew Kee, Mr Peter Ong, Brigade Secretary and Mr Eric Teo.)


The Office Bearers for 2017/2018 were elected by the Brigade Council.  We congratulate the Brigade Executive as well as Mr Poh Leong Berg on his election as Brigade President.


A Handover Ceremony of Brigade Presidency was conducted.  Dr Ho Yew Kee (left) symbolically hands the reigns of the Brigade Presidency to Mr Poh Leong Berg (right) via the passing of the Brigade Colours. LG (Ret) Winston Choo, Honorary President, witnessed the handover. 



The Brigade Chaplain conducted the dedication of the Brigade President-Elect, Mr Poh Leong Berg (left).  Brigade  President-Elect, Mr Poh Leong Berg, addressed the Council, saying that it is a great honour and privilege to be able to serve The Boys' Brigade in the capacity of Brigade President (right).


The Brigade Chaplain, Rev Malcolm Tan, conducted dedication of the Brigade Executive.


The Chaplain of the BB Alumni, Rev Fred Tan, conducted dedication of the BB Alumni Management Committee.


The Brigade Chaplain, Rev Malcolm Tan, conducted dedication of the Brigade Office Staff.


Dr Ho Yew Kee presented the 3-year Service Awards to Mr Frederick Kwan (left) and Mr Thomas Chng (right).


Dr Ho Yew Kee presented the Executive Director, Mr Desmond Koh, with the 20-year Service Award.


The meeting closed with a token of appreciation presented to Dr Ho Yew Kee by LG (RET) Winston Choo to thank him for the many years of service that was contributed to the Brigade.


Marching out of the Brigade Colours by the Colour Party from 7th Singapore Company (from left to right: SSG John Tan, LTA Nicholas Lim and SSG Darren Ang).