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BB Blaze 2016 - 9 Apr

After a year's break, the highly-anticipated adventure race for the Senior Programmes- BB Blaze 2016 was held on 9th April. 533 Boys from 60 Seniors Programme Companies had gathered at Springfield Seconday School before daybreak on that day. This year, the race was held at the Eastern part of Singapore.


Springfield Secondary School slowly filled with enthusiastic Boys. After registration they were directed to the Holding Area where they planned for the first leg of the route.





After a safety briefing and warm up session, the Boys are ready to start the race!

With adrenaline pumping, the race was flagged off by our Honorary President Lt Gen (Ret) Winston Choo alongside Brigade President, Professor Ho Yew Kee at 6.00am



Unlike the previous years, there were a total of 4 different legs this year, challenging the Boys to push past their limits. Each leg consists of various activities for the Boys to be engaged in.



Leg 1

After the race took off, the Boys were tasked to do micro navigation within the Sea Shell Park.



The Boys found themselves running towards the Pasir Ris Beach where they were required to swim in the open sea.



Leg 2

The Boys put on their life vest and swam to their next destination.






Leg 3

The Boys were met with multiple challenge stations around the Bedok Reservoir. Team work and trust were the key elements at the station. The boys had to draw strength from each other to complete each task.







Leg 4

7 mini obstacles courses that included, running, climbing, crawling, and balancing were waiting for the Boys at the final leg of the race.





We were privilege to have Mr Lim Tech Yin, CEO Sport Singapore to grace our event. The Brigade Executive members hosted our Guest-of-Honour and gave him an overview of the race this year.






The Winner for BB Blaze this year was... Team 021 of the 12I Singapore Company - sponsored by Anglo- Chinese School (Independent) and Barker Road Methodist Church.





                                                  Congratulations Team!