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BB Adventure Quest 2016 - 19 Mar

In the early morning of 19 March 2016, a total of 443 Primary Six Boys hailing from 40 BB Companies gathered at Mayflower Secondary School, all ready to give their best for The BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programme). 




This year, the BB Adventure Quest took place at Mayflower Secondary School itself as well as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

As with previous Adventure Quests, Boys were given a safety briefing by the Chairman of the Organising Committee before proceeding to the start line where they waited eagerly for the flag-off with their respective team members. 



The race comprised of 7 stations in total that Boys had to complete. These stations tested the teams on BB Knowledge, Basha Tent Pitching, First Aid and more. 




One Fine Day


Teams were given scenarios and were tested on their First Aid knowledge as well as American Sign Language. 






This station consisted of 3 activities that tested Boys on their BB Knowledge and teamwork. 




Mystery Station

Teams had to decode the BB Object and attempt to shoot the target with archery tag arrows. 




Bring Me Across

This station consisted of two parts. Part 1 tested the Boys on their teamwork as they had to transport ping pong balls using a ring and a few strings. Part 2 tested Boys on their knot tying skills.





Boys were required to work as a team to clear a “mine field” and piece together the BB uniform based on all the pieces awarded from clearing the “mine field”.




Save Me From The Waterfall

Teams had to select one member to write down the list of items in the first aid box while the rest of the team had to use sponges to pour water into a leaking bottle constantly while keeping the water level at a safety level.




800 Holes


Boys had to work as a team to pitch a basha. 




Reaching the Finishing Line




The Champions of this year’s BB Adventure Quest goes to Team 051 of the 49J Singapore Company!


Congratulations Team!