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BB Character Quest 2015 - 22 Aug

After months of preparation 489 Boys arrived at St Hilda’s Primary with close to 100 Officers and volunteers on 22 August 2015, all excited to battle it out at the annual BB Character Quest competition. This year’s theme, “The Giant Within” seeks to help Boys discover the importance of developing self-respect and self-worth as they focused on the Books of Esther and Ruth.


Indoor Segment


At the start of the competition, teams had to complete individual test papers each made up of 20 multiple-choice questions, 20 true/false and 5 knowledge-based questions. Upon completing the papers, Boys set off in their teams to attempt six outdoor station games. 



Outdoor Segment


All about Ruth


In this station, teams had to accomplish 3 sub-stations. One Boy from the team had to find his way to the end point before assisting the rest of his team to get there. The next part of the games required them to transfer one green bean at a time using a pair of chopsticks to fill an empty bowl. Teams ended this station with a crossword puzzle about Ruth.  




Blind Faith


Teams had to retrieve slips of paper in pails placed among obstacles and work together to form full paragraphs before reciting it to the station marshal. 




Line Me Up


In order to complete this station, teams had to arrange the story of Ruth in the right chronological order using picture cards on a vanguard sheet. Teams also had to arrange the hierarchy of David’s family tree before moving on to the next station. 






In Tabootionary, one member was selected to memorise some pictures and was only allowed to draw certain parts of the pictures while the rest of the members attempted to guess the correct story depicted. 



Walk of Faith


Teams had to pick out 3 cards and fill in the blanks on the cards by choosing the right words written on the whiteboard. 





In this station, teams had to use the code keys given in their team passports to break the code to get to the right verse. After which, they had to memorise that verse and write it down in their passport.




Prize Presentation Ceremony


It was a privilege to have Rev Dr Christopher Chia, our Honorary Vice-President (Clerical) grace the event.




The winner of this year’s Character Quest goes to… Team 40 of 42J Singapore Company!