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BB Character Quest 2014 - 23 Aug

On 23 August 2014, 488 Boys along with 107 Officers and Helpers gathered excitedly at Henry Park Primary School, all ready to battle it out at “More Than Conquerors”, the annual BB Character Quest competition.  




After months of preparations, the teams were in for a day of fun-filled activities centred on Discipline, an important component of our BB Object.


Hall of Faith

At the start of the competition, teams had to complete an individual test paper that consists of 20 Multiple-Choice and 20 True or False questions each.  As soon as they were done, teams set off to attempt six other station games. 




Sticky Mane


Teams had to cross through a “web” made of raffia strings, in a line with their hands locked to the person next to them. Boys had to collect all the pictures of lions with the answers to 5 questions pasted on each chair without touching the raffia strings. 


Fiery Furnace



In this station, teams had to answer a question that relate real-life situations back to scripture, before entering a huge parachute spread across the ground in search of tokens hidden beneath. 




Teams had to explain the meaning of each picture on a set of picture cards representing significant characters or symbols mentioned in Daniel’s life.





Teams had to match a series of picture cards all jumbled up and faced down. Once a pair of duplicates was found, teams answered the pictures chronologically on an answer board.  


Watch Your Step


A minefield-inspired game, this station required a member to cross a large grid at any one time and to walk only along the grid lines. If a member crosses on the wrong segment, he will have to go back of the queue and wait in line. Team members are required to learn from the mistakes the other members and not take the same route.

Play Hard, Pray Hard

Teams had to complete a number of telematch games such as bean sorting and invisible writing.


Race to the finishing line!

Once all stations have been completed, teams continued the race to the finishing line where they had to submit their team passports. 




Prize Presentation Ceremony

We were privileged to have Mr Ezekiel Tan, General Secretary, The Bible Society of Singapore grace the event. 




Mr Ezekiel Tan with members of the Brigade Executive

The winner of this year’s Character Quest goes to… Team 16 of 15J Singapore Company!



Congratulations, Boys!