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JP Officers Fellowship 2014 - 3 May

JP Fellowship 2014 – 3 May 2014

The sun awoke and promptly emerged through the bright blue sky as 25 Officers from 6 Juniors Programme Companies made their way to Macpherson Primary School for the annual Juniors Programme Fellowship. It was a morning of fun, sweat and heart-pumping adrenaline as Officers showcased their marksmanship skills in a game of tag archery and nerf tag – unleashing their child-like and competitive nature, otherwise unseen in their weekly parades and routines. 


Archery Tag

Played within the boundary of a soccer field, Archery tag combines the intense action of paintball with the skillset of archery. It is the newest and hottest friendly combat sport, playable both indoors and outdoors, and utilizes archery with foam tipped arrows to play the game. 




A round of practice before the action begins. The hitmen finding their touch as they prepare for the battles that eagerly awaits them. 




An exciting scrimmage featuring the BB marksmen as they engaged in endless rounds of quick runs, arrow evasion and rapid shooting.


Nerf Tag

Nerf tag, similar to archery tag, is a competitive sport or activity involving Nerf Blasters. Officers were engaged in rounds of informal shootouts and were given a chance to try out the different range of Nerf Blasters – from the simple pistols and to the gigantic Nerf launchers.  Tag or be Tagged! 





A step up from the prehistoric bow and arrows – our Officers traded their bows for guns as they were engaged in another round of “fiery” exchange, rounding up a day of fun and joyous fellowship.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Macpherson Primary School for allowing us to use their premise for this year’s fellowship, and STAGS for planning and executing a fun-filled programme for our fellowship. And finally, a big thank you to our 25 Juniors Programme Officers for taking time out to participate in this year’s fellowship.


See you all on 22 July for our JP Conference for more exciting updates on our Juniors Programme Curriculum!