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Officer Cadet Orientation 01/14

On 5 April, 62 volunteers attended the Officer Cadet Orientation at the BBHQ In the hopes of becoming a BB Officer. They went through various useful modules, including the BB’s history and how to operate a BB Company. The course also provided an opportunity for these new Officers to make friends, to exchange ideas and to have fun together. 


The first speaker of the day, Mr Desmond Koh, used case studies to facilitate the learning of the BB methods and beliefs.


Chairman of the Juniors Programme, Mr Patrick Koh, shared a video as he taught the Juniors Programme Officers how to run a BB Company.


The Seniors Programme Officers did not miss out – they were learning how to operate a BB Company too, from Mr Timothy Tan, Captain of the 25th Singapore Company. 


The participants were welcomed back from lunch by Mr Poh Leong Berg, Vice-President (Operations), who spoke about the BB’s structure and governance.


Miss Poon Mei Xian and Mr Wong Hoong Wei from the Ministry of Education filled the new Officers in on the Ministry’s guidelines for uniformed groups.


The last speaker of the day, Mr David Chan, Vice-President (Education), closed his session on the roles and responsibilities of a BB Officer with a word of prayer.


Thank you for your participation and we wish you godspeed as you embark on this new journey as a BB Officer!