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BB Adventure Quest 2014 - 22 Mar

Last weekend, on 22 Mar 2014, 449 Primary Six Boys hailing from 41 BB Companies gathered at Sembawang Park for the highlight competition in their service with The Boys’ Brigade – The BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programme).




The format for this year’s BB Adventure Quest was a little different from previous years; instead of dictating a set route the Boys had to follow, they could take charge of their own destiny, to chart their own course. They were to choose the stations they wanted to attempt and to take ownership and responsibility for their own decisions.




A safety briefing was given and the Boys eagerly lined up at the field for the flag off.




They were required to attempt a minimum of 8 stations to complete in this race, out of the 16 they could choose from, with each station testing the Team on their hard skills such as BB Knowledge, Drill, First Aid, Outdoor Cooking, and teamwork.


Shoot, Stick, Score

In this station, Teams had to complete a series of challenging physical obstacle, before unleashing their pin-point shooting skills!





Low Obstacle

For this station, Teams had to overcome a series of physically strenuous obstacles before putting their throwing abilities to test!




DIY Cooking

Teams were required to show their field cooking skills and whip up a delectable meal of noodles and eggs!





Outfit of the Day

Teams were in a round of scavenger hunt where they were given one minute to search for parts to form their Junior Uniform, hidden within the deepest corners of a wrecked battleship! They were also required to put their BB Knowledge to test by completing a badge worksheet, requiring them to indicate the colour order in which the badges were aligned!






As the phrase has it, one had to go through gruelling pain and hard work to achieve the greater reward. Hence, in this station, teams were required to identify drill commands, and look for the tags indicating the English command strategically planted in the forbidden land – the foot reflexology area! OUCH! 





Naughty Knotty

In this station, teams were tested on their knowledge of the American Sign Language – one of the key elements of this year’s BB Adventure Quest! They were required to identify and tie specific knots, communicated to them by their team mates using American Sign Language.




Say the Song

They have lived and sung the BB Vesper for the past 4 years. However, were they able to recite it with distracting loud music playing in the background? This was a station that required immense concentration, memory and focus. And once again, our Boys proved they were able to overcome all odds regardless of the conditions and circumstances they were placed in. Well done Boys!





Gone in 60 Secs

In this station, two teams were pitted against each other to complete a series of tasks – involving seamless team work, quick minds and strong athleticism!




Clash of the Titans

In this station, Boys were forced to unleash their quick feet, strategic mind, and fast hands when they are placed in an arena of strong warriors. With foam swords, they are required to knock the ball off their opponent’s helmet. Only the strongest survived, and was crowned the finest and fastest warrior in Sembawang Park!





2 Fast 2 Furious

This station granted teams the license to attack one another! While one team had to retrieve balls, the other team were task to obstruct and distract them by attacking with wet sponges! All Boys had a great time watering the grass at the park.  




Twister Goli

It was an eye-opener for many of the Boys as they travelled back in time to their parents’ era by engaging themselves in a traditional game of marbles, with a little twist (literally). The Boys had to spin 4 rounds around a pole before knocking marble off a heel-sized hole.




Knock it Down

In this station, the Boys were engaged in a head- bobbling and spinning experience. With a tennis strung around their neck with a string, they were required to knock a row of bottles down, while have to keep their balance! This was definitely tougher than it looks!




Lord of the Ring

A sheer test of teamwork, communication and camaraderie, as Teams were made to lift a ball up with strings before placing it at a designated spot!




Follow the Sequence

This was not a game for the absent-minded. In this station, teams were in a round of memory card game, where they were required to successfully open up the card in sequence of the BB Table Grace.





Fill it Up

What goes up must come down – this proverb and scientific theory applies to all matters in the world, including water. In this station, Boys were given an opportunity to test and defy this theory, when they were required to successfully fill a “holed” 1.5 litre bottle with a wide array of “holed” instruments. Gravity isn’t your best friend huh? 



Reaching the End Point!

After 2 hours of fun, sweat and adrenaline rush, the first team finally makes their way back to the finishing point! Well Done Team 41!




The Champion Team receiving their trophies on stage!



Congratulations Team 41 from 49J Singapore Company (St Hilda’s Primary School)!