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Teacher Orientation 01/14

15 teachers gathered at the BBHQ on Wednesday, 19 March 2014 for the first run of the Teacher Orientation of the year. They went through a full-day training course that enlightened them about their roles and duties as BB teachers, and how they could contribute meaningfully to the BB programme.



The first trainer of the day, Mr Desmond Koh, Executive Director of the BB in Singapore, welcomed the teachers with a brief history and background of the BB.



Miss Poon Mei Xian from the Ministry of Education (MOE) briefed the teachers on the MOE guidelines for Uniformed Groups.



Mr Gabriel Leng, Captain of the 106J Singapore Company, who is also a teacher, befriended the class as he talked about how to run an effective BB Company. 



The second teacher trainer of the day, Mr Eugene Teo, Captain of the 11th Singapore Company, explained the role of a BB liaison teacher. 



The day ended with Mr Kang Guo Quan, Programmes Manager at the BB in Singapore sharing tips on how to attain the J M Fraser Award.


We hope all teachers had a fruitful day with us and we look forward to serving alongside you in this ministry!