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BB Character Quest 2013 - 17 Aug

467 Boys, and 104 Officers, Teachers-in-charge, Helpers and Primers gathered at St Andrew’s Junior School on 17 August 2013 to battle it out in this year’s BB Character Quest competition.




After close to four months of hard work and preparation, the teams were all geared up for a day of fun and activity-based learning with 7 stations based on the character of David, taken from 1 Samuel Chapters 16 to 2 Samuel 10, with a focus on the theme of Reverence.




Put to the Test

Teams started the first station together with an individual test paper consisting of 20 Multiple Choice and 20 True or False questions. This year, teams could leave to their respective pre-planned routes as soon as they were done with the test paper.




Young Ones

In a game of taboo, Teams had to rely on their youngest members to be the clue-giver and solve 10 out of 20 words related to David’s life with an option to pass the responsibility on to the next youngest clue-giver only once. Clue-givers were only allowed to give verbal hints whilst refraining from using the 4 ‘tabooed’ words specified on each card.




Defeating the Giant

In this shooting game, Teams were given 5 knowledge questions to answer verbally based on the Scripture on David and Goliath. The more questions they answered correctly, the better the weapon they could earn, ranging from NERF Guns and rubber bands, to the humble chappteh and ping-pong ball. But here’s the catch – a good weapon meant that you had to stand further away from the target cans!  






Making Choices

Blindfolded teams had to beat against a 15-minute clock to pick letters to form the word “SMART” listening only to their leader for directions. They then had to answer knowledge questions written behind each card.




God Save the King 

Teams had to fold origami crowns
and overcome 3 obstacles in order
to protect their king!

Task 1: Paralysed! Teams had to carry their king across
a river of crocodiles 
(made from newspaper rolls)

without stepping on them.


Task 2: The Great Escape, 
Teams had to shield their king
from incoming fireballs.

Task 3: Lake of Acid Fire 
Almost there! In their final task, Teams had
to cross a lake of acid fire in order to be safe
from the enemy. 
With no material nearby to
build a bridge, 
Teams had to use their shoes
to form a bridge to step on.


In The Wilderness

At this station, Teams battled it out by trying to snatch as many tails from their opponents as possible! The lesson for this station was to allow Teams to have a feel of what David must have felt like trying to run away from Saul in the wilderness while exercising reverence for the Lord’s Anointed.




Right Combination

In Right Combination, Teams had a splashing good time with the single objective to support a basin of water using only their legs while planting their bottoms on the floor and rotating the basin to correspond to numbers indicated on the floor.




This station taught Boys that when we do task assigned to us, we must do it well and properly in order to avoid dire consequences – or in this case, from getting wet!


A Race to the Finishing Line!

By the end of all 7 stations, Teams had to cross the finishing line and submit their passports. After a long and arduous three hours, the Boys shared a hearty lunch with their fellow team members and Companies.





Prize Presentation Ceremony

After lunch, the Teams assembled back in the School Hall, where the organizing Chairperson, Ms Clarice Ong, gave an address and introduced a video reviewing the day’s event. We were also honoured to have our Guest-of-Honour, Bishop Terry Kee, Lutheran Church in Singapore, grace our event.



Dr Koh Siang Kiang from the Singapore Bible College was also present at the ceremony. Dr Koh received a token of appreciation for her assistance in formulating the test questions for the written paper as well as the station questions.

Mr Samuel Zhang, Teacher of St Andrew’s Junior School, also received a token of appreciation on behalf of the school.

And the winner for the BB Character Quest (Juniors Programme) 2013 went to Team Charlie from 7J Singapore Company!



Congratulations Team!