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Citizenship Course 02/13

On 27 July 2013, 38 Primers gathered at The Boys’ Brigade Headquarters for the Citizenship Course (CC). The Citizenship Course is a full-day course that aims to teach the Primers his/her citizenship role and responsibility based on Christian principles and values. This allows them to see how the values of the Bible or the Christian faith is transmitted to laws and responsibilities in the modern society.


The morning segment conducted by Mr. Robin Liu touched on the various political systems and governing methods around the globe, and the key elements that constituted a democratic state.  The Primers were engaged in rounds of discussion to debate on the various ideas that were generated in the session, as well as to share ideas concerning their roles and responsibities as citizen in Singapore.


Ms Yan Yi from World Vision International took the afternoon session. The sharing aimed to shed light on the various world issues prevalent today; issues such as poverty and AIDS that have plagued million of lives around the world. Games and videos were employed to provide the Primers with a narrative to better understand the issues discussed. The Primers were encouraged to take small, but effective steps to better the lives of the less privelleged.


At the end of the course, the Primers were reminded of their roles and responsibilites as citizen in the community they live in and the various methods they can adopt to the better the lives of millions in the world.




Mr Robin Liu giving the Primers a brief overview on the various political systems and views present in today’s society




Ms Yan Yi  from World Vision sheding light on the various world issues prevalent today



The Primers having a ton of fun – while learning about the various roles in the economic systems.