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SP Conference 02/13 - 1 Aug

On 1 August 2013, 77 Officers and volunteers gathered for a time of fellowship and updates at the Seniors Programme Conference 02/13.



The conference started with worship led by Ms Daphne Grace, Officer from 14th Coy and a prayer session was conducted, encouraging Officers to pray in the various aspects – Company, Brigade and Nation. 




A presentation on the Online Badgework was done and Officers were given a briefing on how the system works as well as the administrative aspects of it.


The Chairman of the SP Committee, Mr Or Boon Chun then took over the conference with an introduction of a new badge, SATA badge, which focuses on anti-smoking and the harmful effects of tobacco. He also gave some updates of the Drill Instructor Course that was mentioned in the previous conference. Officers were also encouraged to help reduce the absenteeism rate for Leadership Development Course 2 by making sure their Boys commit to the dates once registered. Upcoming events and courses in the Seniors Programme were also highlighted. 



A briefing on the upcoming BB Character Quest 2013 was conducted by the Chairman of the organising committee, Mr Daren Hoon. Officers were briefed on the attire for both Boys and Marshals and important administrative instructions were also emphasized.