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President's Award Presentation Ceremony

On 16 July 2013, five Primers were awarded the prestigious President’s Award by President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the Istana. The President’s Award represents the epitome of our Primers’ training in The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore. The highest award in the BB Programme; The President’s Award is presented to Primers who have shown unwavering commitment to the BB, exceptional leadership qualities, and a compassionate heart in service to the community and the less fortunate.


This is the ninth year the BB is presenting the award and we will like to congratulate the recipients, for their passion and dedication as youth leaders in The Boys’ Brigade.




President’s Award Recipients 2013




SCL Ang Zheng Shun

60th Singapore Company

HQ Primers Singapore Company


SCL Jorrick Lim

84th Singapore Company

HQ Primers Singapore Company


SCL Josiah Tan Yi Teng

60th Singapore Company

                    HQ Primers Singapore Company


    SCL Lim Xuan Zheng

   27th Singapore Company

                        HQ Primers Singapore Company



                                                                                   SCL Peter Chong Ken Yang

                                                                                     33rd Singapore Company

                                                                               HQ Primers Singapore Company



The recipients’ respective companies, families and friends came in support of them and to celebrate their achievements in The Boys’ Brigade.

A reception was held after the ceremony, where the recipients and guests mingled with President Tony Tan Keng Yam.




Once again, The Boys’ Brigade congratulates our 5 President’s Award Recipients on receiving the President’s Award! Congratulations, our new President’s Men!