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JP Conference 02/13 - 23 Jul

38 Officers from 31 Companies gathered on 23 July (Tue) for the Juniors Programme Conference 02/2013.

Mr Goh Sheow En, Committee Member of the Juniors Programme Committee, started the session with a word of encouragement, followed by a time of prayer to start the evening.


Thereafter, Mr Goh Sheow En gave an update presentation on the progress of the JP badge work curriculum.


Ms Joyce Ho, Executive (Programmes), also went through a quick briefing on how Junior Companies could get involved in this year’s BB Share-a-Gift.

The briefing for the BB Character (Juniors Programme) 2013 was conducted by the Chairperson for this year’s competition, Ms Clarice Ong. The syllabus was explained in detail by the respective Station I/C.




There was also a demonstration on how to make origami crowns for one of the stations.





The entire conference ended at 9.30pm with Mr Peter Leong from 49J leading the Officers with the BB Vesper.