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Officers Enrolment & BB Week Prize Presentation Ceremony

The Officers Enrolment Ceremony and the BB Week 2013 Prize Presentation Ceremony were both held on 24 Jun 2013 at The Boys’ Brigade Headquarters. The ceremony started with a time of Praise & Worship, led by Mr Leroy Mortimer, Captain of 36th Singapore Company.



Our Brigade President, Prof Ho Yew Kee and Brigade Chaplain, Rev Malcolm Tan shared some words of encouragement before the Officers were enrolled.




32 Officers from 29 Companies who completed the Basic Officers Training Course were enrolled. We trust that they will continue to persevere on in their journey within their BB Companies as they continue to guide their Boys.





This was followed by the BB Week Report by Brigade Treasurer, Mr Chong Loi Foong and the presentation of the awards by BB Brigade President, Prof Ho Yew Kee. Although we did not meet the target that was set this year, a respectable amount was collected and we would like to thank God for his grace and his providence on us.





Our Brigade Executive, Mr Desmond Koh, rounded up the evening with a shout out to the Officers about the upcoming Annual Officers’ Retreat (AOR), at Thistle Johor Bahru from 26 to 27 October 2013. All Officers are encouraged to join us for this fun gateway this October!