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JP Conference 01/13 - 19 Feb


47 Officers from 42 Junior Companies gathered on 19 Feb (Tue) for the first Juniors Programme Conference of 2013.


The Chairman of the Juniors Programme Committee, Mr Patrick Koh started the session by introducing the Committee members and proceeded to give updates on the revised JP badge work curriculum.




Ms Joyce Ho, Executive (Programmes), also shared about the recent development of the Media Literacy Badge.


Mr Kang Guo Quan, Manager (Programmes) then shared with the attendees about Badge Armlet requirements.




Frequently asked questions about the application process and criteria for the Gold Awards 2013 were also covered.


The briefing for the BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programme) 2013 was conducted by Operations I/C of the organising committee, Mr Ryan Ong on behalf of the Chairman. The syllabus was explained in detail and tips on how to prepare the Boys for the competition were also shared.