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Day Dress

The Day Dress is the attire worn on most parades, consisting of a white short-sleeve shirt and dark blue pants (or skirts for female Officers). The following are also worn:

  • Glengarry 
  • Collar Badges
  • Lanyard 
  • Belt
  • Name Tag
  • Dark Blue socks (for male Officers)
  • Black Shoes









Ceremonial Dress

The Ceremonial Dress is for grand occasions and events.  It is essentially the Function Dress with dark blue coat.  The collar badges are pinned on the upper level of the lapel, with the name tag worn slight above the left breast pocket.







Function Dress

The Function Dress consists of a white long sleeve shirt, BB tie, belt and dark blue pants (or skirts for female Officers).









This attire is designed to be worn for musketry training and is suitable for drill practice or less formal occasions. It consists of the white BB regulation T-shirt, name tag and dark blue longs (or skirt for lady Officers). Glengarry and boots are also worn.






Fatigue Dress

This attire is for informal occasions or when fatigue duties or sporting activities are conducted.  It consists of the white BB regulation T-shirt (neatly tucked in), dark blue longs or blue jeans and running shoes.


For Brigade level activities, events or course that stipulate fatigue dress, only the BB Regulation (not Company) Polo shirt is to be worn.











PT Kit

This attire is for physical training and outdoor activities. It consists of the white BB regulation T-shirt (neatly tucked in), dark blue shorts and running shoes. 




The Glengarry is worn on the right side of the head, one inch above the right ear and two finger breadths above the right eyebrow.


Collar Badges

The collar badges are fastened onto the collar of the white shirt.  When in Ceremonial Dress, the collar badges are fastened to the upper level of the lapel.

Other than the designated appointment badges (OCT, 2LT, LTA), no collar pins or badges are to be attached to any part of the Officers' uniforms.


Name Tag

White 7.5cm by 2cm plastic, worn slightly above the left breast pocket.  Only the name of the Officer should be engraved on it.  When in Ceremonial Dress, the name tag is worn slightly above the left breast pocket of the coat.



This should be worn fairly tightly around the waist, with the buckle in the centre.



The black lanyard is worn around the left shoulder with the long end to the back, secured by a knot to prevent slipping.  The end of the remaining length is affixed to the left breast pocket button.



Officers' Rosette on Glengarry
Rosette Colour Rank/ Appointment

2nd Lieutenants, Lieutenants

and Officer Cadet Trainee


Captains/ Brigade

Office Bearers

Purple Chaplains


*: Can be removed for outdoor and adventure activities


As a Uniformed Group operating in schools, we observe the guidelines set by MOE. The Brigade should not be non-compliant to school rules and regulations in allowing our members (including men Officers) to keep long or coloured hair. Officers should set an example to the Boys and follow the teachers' dress code as stipulated by the respective schools.


The hair-cut for Officers at Company parades and Brigade events should be:

i. neat and tidy

ii. not artificially coloured (except black)

iii. not touching eyebrows, ears and collars


Lady Officers should avoid loud hair colouring and should have their hair neatly tied up on parade and at Brigade events.