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SP Conference 01/13 - 27 Mar

On 27 March 2013, 67 Officers and volunteers gathered for a time of fellowship and updates at the Seniors Programme Conference 01/13.


Mr Desmond Koh introduced and provided information about developments at the BB/GB Campsite and how BB Companies could enjoy adventure activities such as omega descent, rappelling and kayaking, and all at a preferential rate. 


Thereafter, the Chairman of the SP Committee, Mr Or Boon Chun took over the Conference and introduced himself once again, extending a warm welcome to all present. He went on to introduce the members of the SP Committee 2013. 


A debrief of the previous year's Stage 3 Assessments was given with the emphasis on the Community Service Assessment. Officers were given an opportunity to address their concerns with regards to the Stage 3 Assessments results and conduct.


Mr Or Boon Chun reminded Companies on the Endorsement of Awards for the Seniors Programme and highlighted that all relevant documents are to be printed and brought along for the Seniors Programme Staff in-charge to endorse. He also introduced new badgework for the Seniors Programme for this year, namely the Media Literacy Badge and Online Interactive Badgework. 


Officers were also briefed on this year's BB Blaze by the Chairman of the organising committee, COL David Foo.