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BB Adventure Quest 2013 - 23 Mar

With the sun up high in the early morning on 23 Mar 2013, 364 Primary 6 Boys hailing from 41 BB Companies registered at Si Ling Secondary School for the highlight competition in their service of The Boys’ Brigade – The BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programme).




This year’s Adventure Quest took place at not one, but two parks; namely, Woodlands Waterfront – a new upcoming park facing Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Admiralty Park – a park with a rustic feel, close to Republic Polytechnic.




A safety briefing was given and the Boys eagerly lined up at the carpark for the flag off.




There were a total of 8 stations to complete in this race, with each station testing the Team on their hard skills such as BB Knowledge, Drill, First Aid, Basha Tent Pitching, Compass Field Bearing, American Sign Language, and Catapult Building.



Ready, Aim, FIRE!

In this station, Teams had to construct a catapult consisting of everyday items and test how well their catapult aiming skills.





What’s Your Bearing?

For this station, Teams had to stand in at demarcated areas and given 5 poles to take their compass field bearing from.





Base Camp

Teams had to pitch a basha tent with the necessary knot skills.




Band of Brothers

Teams had to do a three-legged relay race. Each Boy will hold a spoon with a ping pong ball at the end and complete the BB vesper puzzle upon completing the relay.






Teams had to identify 10 essential first aid kit items out of a pool of 20 items. They were also tested on first aid bandaging skills in an emergency.




Secret Code

In this station, Teams had to put their BB Knowledge and American Sign Language skills to the test by signing questions to their teams and answer them correctly.




Engaging the Enemy

Teams will battle against each other in other to plant a ‘bomb’ on the other team’s territory.


Home Run

A rush to the finish line? Not so fast. Teams had to demonstrate their ability to work other in order to the final obstacle course consisting of hopping with one leg while holding a cup of water, doing the leopard crawl, a wheelbarrow race and balancing M&Ms on top on a straw.






Reaching the End Point!





The Champion Team receiving their trophies on stage!



Congratulations Team!