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Anti-Drug Abuse Course (SANA)


This is usually held during the school holidays and training is held on one weekday. 
There are two time slots for this course (9.00am - 12.30pm or 1.00pm - 5.30pm). 
Boys will undergo a course on anti-drug abuse and share the message to other friends. 


This course is open to Sec 2s and above ONLY.



Criteria for Passing Course 

a)      Written Test


To pass the course, Boys must pass a written test during the course:


Section A

20 Multiple choice questions - 40 marks

Section B

10 True/False questions - 20 Marks

Passing Mark



b)      Friends of Transfer Agent Project (FOTA)


In addition, they will need to do an online submission of this project within 2 weeks after the course to



They are to spread anti-drug messages to:

  • 5 different persons (their peers) who have not attended the course or been interviewed before.


The 5 persons will be given the unique badge ID of the Boy to  fill up the FOTA online.

Absenteeism from the course, or failure of the written test, or failure in the submission of the transfer agent forms will mean that they will fail the course.

Successful participants will be awarded the SANA certificate. Captain may then proceed to apply for SANA Badge using Form 32A; the badge, however, is a souvenir and is not to be worn on the uniform.


Course Fee


$10 per Boy


The places for the course will be confirmed only upon payment of the course fees through one of the following 3 modes:

  • by cheque to “The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore” (please indicate behind the cheque the details of the course your company signed up for),
  • by cash payment or via NETS (only during BB Shop opening hours) made in person at Brigade Office,
  • by invoice to sponsoring school (only if school is paying for the fees and payment can be made before the course), or
  • by offsetting from company account (only for companies that have chosen to park BB Week collections with BB Headquarters). Captain has to indicate his intent in writing (letter or email) to Brigade Office.


Course Dates for 2017


Anti-Drug Abuse Course 01/17: 15 March (Wed)

Anti-Drug Abuse Course 02/17: 1 June (Thursday) 

Anti-Drug Abuse Course 03/17: 2 June (Frday)

Anti-Drug Abuse Course 04/17: 4 September (Monday)

Anti-Drug Abuse Course 05/17: 5 September (Tuesday)


Check the BB Members Online Portal for registration details and vacancies status.



Officers can now register for the course online through the BB Members Online Portal at http://members.bb.org.sg:


Please proceed to make payment for your course once you have registered. Only after payment will your places in the course be confirmed. We will only hold your places till the first friday of the next month, when the monthly deregistration exercise will take place.

Latest vacanies are also uploaded for your information.


There will be strictly no refund of course fees in the case of any withdrawal from the courses after payment has been made.


If you encounter any problems while using the system, please contact Mr Elijah Cheong at elijah_cheong@bb.org.sg to highlight the difficulties or seek clarification. 


Reporting Details



Boys are to report in BB fatigue dress (BB Blue regulation Polo Tee, Navy Blue long pants with name tag, sports shoes and field rank).


Note on attire

Boys must report in the specified attire (e.g. full uniform, musketry, etc.), which must be clean, neat and polished (where applicable).

Boys must also report in proper haircut, which is defined as hair that is not artificially coloured, and does not touch the ears, eyebrows and collar. Fingernails must also be short and clean.

Accompanying Officers must also adhere to the same attire guidelines.

Any participant who reports for courses in improper attire, including accompanying Officers, will be asked to leave, and the space forfeited. No refund of course fees will be made in this instance.

Boys must bring their own writing materials.

Reporting Time and Location

All Boys will report to The Boys' Brigade in Singapore Headquarters at 9.00am or 1.00pm (depending on the slots that you have been registered) on the course day itself.

The Headquarters is situated at 105 Ganges Avenue Singapore 169695, oppostie besides Great World City, with easy accessibility by bus from Tiong Bahru (Bus 5, 16, 195), Outram (Bus 75, 121, 970), Newton (Bus 5), Orchard (Bus 5, 16) as well as Dhoby Ghaut (Bus 16, 175) and the MRT station to alight is Tiong Bahru MRT Station.