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Primers Challenge 17-20 Dec 12

At 6.30am on 17 December, 31 Primers and 3 Officers gathered at the Boys’ Brigade Campus, eagerly waiting to experience the adventure of their lives – Primers Challenge 2012.   This is a 4-day 3-night overseas camp for Primers from various companies to bond in Pahang, Malaysia. Away from Singapore’s urban landscape, the Primers were exposed to numerous activities such as abseiling, caving, trekking and river rafting, designed to push them to their limits and out of their comfort zones.


Below is a visual journal of Primers Challenge 2012: 




After an 8-hour drive, we finally arrived at Gua Tongkat – our base camp for the first 2 nights


Getting all geared up for the 70m Cave Abseil at Gua Balai! 


“Are we really doing this?” The Primers were thrilled by what they were about to embark on





And they did it! Successfully completing their Cave Abseil.



Caving: Squeezing and pushing their way through every possible gap that they can find! 


Trekking (Taman Negara): Nothing’s going to stop them from reaching the end point! Not even the rain! 





River Rafting (Kuala Tahan)


Group shot on our last night.