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BOTC 02/12

6st, 13th October &10-11 November 2012


57 Officer Cadets took the step to enhance their skills by signing up for the Basic Officers Training Course (BOTC) held in the second half of 2012.  The objective of the BOTC is to prepare our Volunteers to be equipped for their roles as facilitators and mentors within their respective BB Companies.


During one of the sessions, the Officers were exposed to two topics covering cyber danger, namely, The World - Social Media and The New Frontier - Mobile Technologies.  This session was particularly enriching as they rethink their approaches to learning and education through internet and other media.




 “Games That Teach” was one of the courses organised for our BOTC trainees. It equipped them with knowledge and skills to conduct games with basic equipment like ropes and strings. These games are very helpful for our BB Officers in conducting ice-breaker sessions and bonding activities.



















Over the weekend of 10 & 11 Nov, the BOTC trainees went for their overseas adventure excursion. It was filled with fun and exciting activities such as Rafting and Trekking! They were even taught how to scale and gut a fish after our drag net fishing activity.  This adventure weekend was one filled with many “first time” experiences for our Officers.  The team spirit was excellent as they learnt to work and play together.




After many hours of lessons and training, our BOTC trainees not only successfully completed their BOTC with a new set of skills, but also forged a deep friendship with fellow BB Officers.