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Leadership Development Course 2



There will be 4 courses held in 2017.


For Boys

For LDC2, Boys will report to the BB/GB Campsite in Sembawang on Saturday morning, 8.30 am, in their full uniform. They will be dismissed on Sunday afternoon, latest by 6 pm, from the Campsite.


Boys will undergo training to further develop what they have already learnt in LDC1. They will be split into different squads with fellow trainees from other Companies to learn, practise and develop practical leadership skills at the same time.  


For Officers

Officers will report to the BB/GB Campsite in Sembawang on Saturday morning, 7.30am, in their full uniform.

2017 Courses

Leadership Development Course 201/17: 3-4 Jun (Sat-Sun) 

Leadership Development Course 202/17: 15-16 Jul (Sat-Sun) 

Leadership Development Course 203/17: 5-6 Aug (Sat-Sun) 

Leadership Development Course 204/17: 9-10 Dec (Sat-Sun)



Check the BB Members Online Portal for registration details and vacancies status.




Companies may register for any of the dates, registration will not be based on cluster allocation.


The registration may be made by officers online at the Members Online Portal at http://members.bb.org.sg

A complete and hence successful registration for LDC2 requires the submission of all 3 of the following:

  • LDC2 Application via online Members portal

  • Payment of $70 course fees


The places for the course will be confirmed only upon payment of the course fees through one of the following modes:

  • by cheque to “The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore” (please indicate behind the cheque the details of the course your company signed up for),
  • by cash payment or via NETS (only during BB Shop opening hours) made in person at Brigade Office,
  • by invoice to sponsoring school (only if school is paying for the fees and payment can be made before the course), or
  • by offsetting from company account (only for companies that have chosen to park BB Week collections with BB Headquarters). Captain has to indicate his intent in writing (letter or email) to Brigade Office.


Please proceed to make payment for your course once you have registered. Only after payment will your places in the course be confirmed. We will only hold your places till the first friday of the next month, when the monthly deregistration exercise will take place.

There will be strictly no refund of course fees in the case of any withdrawal from the courses after payment has been made.


Course Criteria


To pass the course, Boys must undergo a simple written test and be continually assessed by the trainers throughout the camp.


Absenteeism from any of the course, projects, or failure of the written test, will mean they will fail the course.




Pre Course Reading

Download your LDC2 Pre Course Reading Material here.

LDCII Pre Course Reading Material.doc

Additional Instructions for Trainees  


Reporting Time 0830 hrs Day 1 (Sat)
Dismissal Time 1800 hrs Day 2 (Sun)

BB/GB Campsite, 1200 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758526

Attire BB Full Uniform
Course Fee $70 per Boy


  • Ensure you have your 3 x Stage 2 including Drill 2.
  • Your Course Company and squad numbers will be made known to you on reporting.
  • Please bring along the items as detailed below.
  • There will be a written assessment for all trainees. Please re-familiarise yourself with the basic BB knowledge that can be found in pages 4-15 and page 31 of the new Seniors Programme Handbook for Boys (March 2011) as well as lessons on LDC I.
  • In addition, you will also be assessed on your performance as the Camp by all trainers.


Packing/Equipment list

  • Identity card (NRIC, school ID or ezlink card)
  • Sufficient money for your travelling
  • Sufficient change of clothes (including 1 extra set of Blue BB Polo T-shirt)
  • Track shoes with socks
  • Toiletries and slippers
  • Poncho
  • PT Kit
  • Backpack or field pack, with identification tag
  • Water bottle (at least 1.5 litres)
  • Torch light with spare batteries
  • Insect Repellent (spray/tube type)
  • Writing materials

All other personal items are optional. Handphones will not be allowed to be used during the course. Valuables are brought entirely at your own risk.


Other Important Information


Registration for all courses

Registrations are confirmed only upon receipt of form and payment, on first-come-first-served basis, subject to space availability and confirmation by the staff-in-charge.

Please contact staff-in-charge if you do not receive a written acknowledgement.

Notes on attire 

Boys must report in the specified attire (e.g. musketry kit, fatigue dress etc.), which must be clean, neat and polished (where applicable).

Boys must also report in proper haircut, which is defined as hair that is not artificially coloured, and does not touch the ears, eyebrows and collar. Fingernails must also be short and clean.

Accompanying Officers are also requested to adhere to the same attire guidelines.


Consent forms

All BB Companies are to ensure that consent forms have been issued and collected from your Boys who are attending the LDC2.  This will be executed at Company level.


Status of Applications

For more information, please contact Mr Elijah Cheong at elijah_cheong@bb.org.sg or tel: 67370377.