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Founder's Award Presentation Ceremony - 1 Jul



Please note the following details of the Founder’s Award Presentation Ceremony:



1 July 2017, Saturday




5.00pm - 9.30pm 
Inspection for Founders Men begins at 3.15pm 


BB members: BB Ceremonial Dress ;  Guests: Formal



Please note that this event is for invited guests only.  


Founder’s Men Attire
Founder’s Men are to report in proper ceremonial dress with all uniform parts, including white gloves and anklets. Haircuts must be neat, with hair not touching shirt collars and ears. No artificial hair colouring is permitted. Recipients who are not properly attired or who report with inappropriate haircuts on the day may not be allowed to receive the award on stage. All Founder’s Men should report to the open area at the entrance of the ballroom at 3.15pm sharp on 1 July, after which an inspection will be conducted on their uniform and haircut.


Please note that the Velcro patches will be ready for collection sometime in June at the BB Shop during the shop operating hours, for distribution to the Founder’s Men.  Founder’s Men are to sew the Velcro on the left shoulder of their uniform, with the top edge of the Velcro 4cm below the Company title.



As with previous years, Founder’s Mens’ chevrons should not display all their badges, only those which are necessary for the attainment of the Founder’s Award. These are:


Senior Proficiency Award

First Aid Stage 2

Target Badge

Leadership Stage 2

Adventure Stage 2

Life Skills Stage 2

Christian Education Stage 3

Total Defence Silver

Citizenship Stage 2

National Event Badge

Community Stage 2

2 out of the 5 Core Awards at Stage 3 level

Adventure, Community Service, Drill, First Aid, Piper’s/Drummer’s

Drill Stage 2

Service Badges

1 elective badge at Stage 1