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Leaders' Retreat 26 May 12

On 26 May 2012, members of the Brigade Executive, President’s men and staff attended the BB Leaders’ Retreat for a day of team bonding, planning and discussion. The day began with a team bonding event held at Palate Sensations Cooking School. Led by Executive Chef Charlotte D’Isidoro, the leaders were broken up into teams to replicate a set of dishes based on the recipes that were given to them. This was followed by a hearty lunch with the food that was cooked by each group.



The second half of the day began with an opening speech by Brigade President, Mr Tan Kok Heng who talked about providing our members with a positive experience from Brigade activities and courses but to also work towards a ensuring a quality outcome. This was followed by a presentation by Executive Director, Mr Desmond Koh on the Nation’s 50th birthday celebrations in 2015 as well as a presentation on the current youth trends and educational landscape.





Everyone was then split into groups for a time of discussion. The topics were centred on the Country’s 50th birthday and the Brigade’s 85th anniversary celebrations in 2015 as well as on issues that would impact the Brigade. Many interesting ideas and solutions were presented on how to improve Brigade programmes and operations. 



After a fruitful time of discussion, the day was concluded with a closing prayer followed by the BB Vesper led by Mr Desmond Koh.