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BB Adventure Quest 2012 - 17 Mar

With the sun up high in the early morning on 17 Mar 2012, 457 Primary 6 Boys hailing from 40 BB Companies registered at Pasir Ris Park for the highlight competition in their service of The Boys’ Brigade – The BB Adventure Quest (Juniors Programme).




A safety briefing was given and the Boys eagerly lined up at the starting line, awaiting the flag off.



 BEEP – And the Boys were off!



There were a total of 7 stations to complete in this race, with each station testing the Team on their hard skills such as First Aid and Knots Tying, and on their soft skills, namely teamwork, communication and their ability to strategise.


How to Save a Life




                Searching for the missing first aid item…                                        And finally finding it!




Head Bandage!



                                 Team Leader: OH NO, our team member has sprained his ankle, let's use the R.I.C.E method!






                         Searching for their Quest Card…                                                           There is it I think!




Co-ordinating colours, shapes and numbers is hard…





 Teamwork guys, teamwork! Together now…         Building a structure using items collected


 Knotty Kite



Creating a Kite from a Garbage Bag and Lantern Sticks


  Will our kite fly?


Web of Mystery



 Gotta get through these webs!!


 Joy is the Flag Flown High



 Operation Airlift



The Champion Team reaching the End Point!



The Champion Team receiving their trophies on stage!