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BOTC 02/11

About 35 Officer Cadets took the step enhance their skills level and involvement in the Boys’ Brigade by signing up for Basic Officers Training Course (BOTC) 2011. The objective of BOTC is to prepare our Volunteers to be operational ready BB Officers in their respective BB Companies.




During one of the sessions, we had peer inspection where fellow course mates inspected each other’s uniforms. By following a simple checklist, our BOTC trainees ensured that their uniforms are worn correctly.



 “Games That Teach” was one of the courses organised for our BOTC trainees. It equipped them with knowledge and skills to conduct games with basic equipment like just ropes and strings. These games had proven to be very helpful for our BB Officers to conduct icebreaking sessions while keeping the Boys occupied.




Over the weekend of 12 & 13 November, the BOTC trainees went for their overseas adventure. It was filled with fun and exciting activities such as water obstacles and tree climbing! The activities definitely tested the trainees’ physical limit. Through the vigorous activities, the trainees were also able to understand the practical application of RAMS as the instructors explained the rationale and considerations before conducting the activities. This gave them the confidence to organise similar outdoor activities for the Boys in their BB Companies.




After many hours of lessons and training, our BOTC trainees not only successfully completed their BOTC with a new set of skills but also forged a deep friendship with fellow future BB Officers.