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Officer Cadet Orientation 24 Mar 12

The first Officer Cadet Orientation this year took place on 24 March 2012, with a total attendance of 59 Officer Cadets. A few modules were conducted throughout the day to equip them with knowledge of their roles as Officers and also on the Boys' Brigade organization.




Starting off the day of presentation was Mr. Desmond Koh, our Executive Director, who shared on the BB's vision, missions and goals as well as methods and beliefs of the organization




The ensuing speaker was Mr. Vincent Tan, Vice-President (Programmes), who trained the participants on ways to operate a BB company.




Ms. Poon Mei Xian, from the Character and Citizenship Education Department of the MOE, presented on the MOE guidelines for Uniformed Groups, thereby allowing Officers to have a better appreciation of the guidelines.




Then, Mr. Poh Leong Berg, Vice-President (Operations), shared on the structures, guidelines and governance of the BB. He also covered roles and responsibilities of BB officers in the companies.



To conclude the day, a short quiz was then conducted to help the Officers recap on their learnings before they left, feeling all recharged and able to manage their companies more efficiently.