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UG Seminar 16 Sep 11

The Co-Curricular Activities Branch, Ministry of Education organised the Uniformed Groups (UG) Seminar 2011 on Friday, 16 September 2011. The theme of the seminar is "Empowering Our Youths For Tomorrow".  


The seminar aims to bring together middle managers and teachers involved in the UG CCAs to engage in generative conversations so as to strengthen their purpose, clarify their roles in CCA, as well as broaden perspectives on how we can tap on the UG platform to enhance the learning of our students in schools.    


The objectives of the seminar are as follows:

  • Strengthen participants’ belief in the UG as an effective platform for character, citizenship and leadership development
  • Identify common key elements that support the development and implementation of quality UG programmes
  • Foster greater networking amongst the various uniformed groups (within schools, across schools and organisations)  


We had 16 teachers who visited our BBHQ campus.  Mr Desmond Koh, our Executive Director, provided an overview of the BB operations in Singapore.



Additionally, the Brigade Office sent two staff to participate at the this event and they had the opportunity to visit other UGs in Singapore as well.


At the same time, 33J Singapore Company hosted another group of teachers, and provided an overview of their community service project in Kunming, China.