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JP Conference 02/12 - 24 Jul

44 Officers from 43 Juniors Programme BB Companies assembled at the BB Campus’ Fraser Hall for a time of fellowship and updates by the Juniors Programme Committee on 24 July 2012.


The Juniors Programme Committee Chairman, Mr Patrick Koh, shared some words of encouragement.  He also provided a short summary on the development and progress of the revised curriculum for the Juniors Programme badge work.   Mr Koh also surveyed the Companies that were present on whether they had Primary 2 students in the BB.  A short discussion on insurance and the BB Constitution for members were conducted.

Ms Clarice Ong, Chairperson for this year’s Character Quest, then provided a briefing on the upcoming event.


There was also a demo booth that was set up for one of the Character Quest stations.  Refreshments and drinks were provided whilst Officers and Helpers stood around the balloon table, attempting the balloon fish that would be graded during the upcoming competition.