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BB Character Quest 2012 - 8 Sep

The annual BB Character Quest is a competition where Boys can learn about moral principles and values, and apply them in engaging team activities.

BB Character Quest 2012

After months of planning and preparations, the day finally came for the Seniors Programme Boys to engage in a day of fun-filled learning. In the early hours of 8 September 2012, 656 Boys from 65 BB companies all over Singapore arrived at Presbyterian High School where this year’s BB Character Quest competition was held this year.



As a tradition, the annual BB Character Quest aims to inculcate moral principles and values into every Boy of the Boys’ Brigade. With the syllabus taken from Genesis 12 to 22, Judges 6 to 8 and the Book of Jonah, the Character Quest this year revolves around the theme of Obedience.

At the start of the competition, teams were gathered together to tackle a written test that consists of 15 Multiple Choice questions, 10 True/False questions, 3 Short Answer questions as well as some Fill-In-The-Blanks.




After an hour long brain racking session, the Boys headed for lunch to re-energize themselves as they prepared for the outdoor segment.



After lunch, teams set off excitedly for the outdoor segment that was divided into 3 different segments – Air (A), Land (L) and Sea (S) with a total of 24 stations of which teams are free to conquer. Out of the 24 stations, there were some really interesting ones worth mentioning!


Angry Birds

The ‘Angry Birds’ station ws like the real game come alive! With a big catapult that was hand-made out of cloth and rubber bands, teams had to launch 8 balls at the nicely-stacked cans as the targets.



Human Table Soccer

As the name suggests, the Boys became the little figures on the table soccer and were players on a life-sized table soccer. Just like the game, they were only allowed to move along the line that they were attached to. The Boys had lots of fun kicking the soccer ball around and aiming at the goal post despite being restricted by the line.




Fisherman’s Friend

In this station, teams have to fish out as many figures from a fish tank as possible. Team members were assigned to various roles – fishermen, ‘ambulance’, ‘hospital’. As fishermen, members had to fish figures from the fish tank using the net provided. Upon fishing out a figure, it is then transferred via a toy vehicle (‘ambulance’) and then to the ‘hospital’ a few meters away.




Prize Presentation Ceremony

After a tiring yet enjoyable time at the outdoor segment, teams gathered back at the hall for a entertaining performance by youths from the Chapel of the Holy Spirit before the prize presentation ceremony.



Special thanks to the youths from the Chapel of the Holy Spirit for the wonderful skit!


Soon after the performance ended, the organizing chairman of this year’s BB Character Quest (SP), Mr. Daren Hoon gave an address before a video depicting the day’s happenings was played.



We also honored to have our Guest-of-honor, Venerable Wong Tak Meng, Archdeacon, Anglican Diocese of Singapore, accompanied by his wife to grace our event.



The winner for this year’s BB Character Quest (Seniors Programme) went to Team B of the 12I Singapore Company, sponsored by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Barker Road Methodist Church!




Happy faces of the winning team! Congratulations!