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BB Character Quest 25 Aug 12



It was raining in the wee hours of the morning of 25 Aug 2012 but that did not stop 467 Boys from 39 BB Companies nationwide from making their way to North View Primary School for this year’s BB Character Quest competition.







This year’s Character Quest syllabus was taken from Genesis 12 to 22, Judges 6 to 8 and the Book of Jonah with a focus on the specific theme of Obedience. After months of hard work and preparation, the teams were all geared up for a day of fun and learning.

In true Character Quest tradition, the first station was the “Sword of Truth”, an individual test paper consisting of 20 Multiple Choice and 20 True or False questions.




After some gruelling thirty minutes, the Teams were divided into their respective 5 coloured batches and had to cover 5 activity stations where each major lesson brought out the importance of being Obedient.



In Warriors, Teams had to perform one-minute tasks in order to earn their full armour. However, these tasks were not ordinary Warrior-tasks. On the contrary, they involved everyday activities which included: threading a string through four needles, using chopsticks to stack-up three glue sticks, individually sorting armour cards into four respective piles and finally, throwing cards into container from a distance.





The lesson point in the game was to remind Boys to be obedient in the little things, even when they may think that the task itself is pointless at the moment in time.






At this station, Teams had to eat, taste or smell objects of questionable material in order to game points. Participants were blindfolded and had to rely on their Station Marshals and not their own senses to assure themselves that the Marshals would not do anything to harm them.




The aim of the game was to reinforce the idea that in order to obey, there must be a certain level of trust we have to our leader or whoever is taking charge. Teams who managed to guess what they had tasted, ate or smelt gained additional marks too!









Better known as the ‘fun station’, each Team had to balloon sculpt a fish. Teams had been briefed and taught how to balloon sculpt this fish, hence no video or instructions were given. After the many twist and turns, and sometimes, bursts, the teams finally emerged victorious with their own balloon fish.





The Challenge


In this game, Teams had to battle against each other with a round of Scissors, Paper, Stone in order to gain rubber bands from the losing team. But wait, there’s a catch! Each Boy was only given one card and could only change their card if they answered a Character Education Question.





During the reflection time, Station Marshals encouraged Boys to always make up for the wrong or disobedience they had done. Marshals also pointed out that Abraham and Jonah were not fully obedient, but in the end, they persevered in fulfilling their challenging tasks.




At Encounters, Teams had to decipher diagrams which pointed to various steps of Abraham’s journey. Each Participant took turns to flip cards until they got a set of 3 which made up one Encounter. There were altogether 4 sets of cards relating to Abraham’s life. Can you identify what they were?





In this station, Teams learnt more about Abraham’s obedience and his blessed life.  


Lunch Time


With the completion of the Quest, Teams headed down to the canteen where they were treated to a sumptious lunch and fruits!






Prize Presentation Ceremony





After lunch the Teams assembled back in the School Hall, where the organizing Chairperson, Ms Clarice Ong, gave an address and introduced a video depicting the day’s event. We were also honoured to have our Guest-of-Honour, Dr Lee Soo Ann, grace our event.




And the winner for the BB Character Quest (Juniors Programme) 2012 went to none other than Team B of 33J Singapore Company, sponsored by Fairfield Methodist Primary School!




Congratulations Team!