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BOTC 01/11: Session 2

On 16 April, the Officers attending BOTC returned for the second day of modules, featuring modules on Cyber-Wellness and Games That Teach.


The highlight of the day for many Officers was undoubtedly the Games That Teach workshop, led by Mr Mike Lim and Ms Huda from Innotrek Pte Ltd.





Officers were introduced to a variety of lively ice breakers, as well as several games which can be used to impart critical skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork and problem-solving. They also picked up several useful debriefing techniques which can be applied to other team building games as well.


Through learning to play these games themselves, Officers thoroughly enjoyed a time of fellowship and bond-building with each other.




And as evident from the hearty laughter heard and wide grins seen all afternoon, it was a great way to end the two weeks of BOTC modules before embarking on the Adventure Weekend together.