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OCO 5 Mar 11

On 5 March 2011, a total of 70 new Officer Cadets attended the first run of the Officer Cadet Orientation for the year.  Officers attended a series of workshops through the day, which helped them to better understand and appreciate how the BB operates, and their roles as Officers in BB Companies.  


Mr Desmond Koh, Executive Director of the Brigade Office started the day off with a session on the BB’s vision, mission and goals. Following this, Mr Wesley Cheong, chairman of the Training Committee, shared with Officers about their role in the Company. Officers were then split into Juniors and Seniors Programme tracks for a session how to run a BB Company. Mr Patrick Koh, chairman of the Juniors Programme Committee and Mr Wesley Cheong conducted the respective sessions.





To round off the day, Mr Poh Leong Berg, Vice President, Operations facilitated an engaging discussion on how the BB Methods and Beliefs play out in a Company setting. He also briefed Officers on the structure and governance of the BB as a whole. 


The course concluded with a short quiz, and Officers left the programme having gained a better understanding of the BB ministry, ready to continue their work back at their Companies.