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Teachers Orientation 7 Sep 11


A total of 13 new BB Liaison Teachers attended the session on 7 September.


Ms Chia Hui Qi, who is a teacher as well as member of the Training Committee, welcomed the teachers and introduced them to the BB history and programmes.


Mr Tan Boon Hock from MOE CCAB presented on the guidelines for Uniformed Groups.


The other topics covered included the role of BB Liaison Teachers in schools, JM Fraser Award for Excellence for School’s Sustained Achievement Award, BB Cambodia, BB CARES (Community Activities Rallying Everyone to Serve) and BB Share-A-Gift.


Two other teachers facilitated the training sessions, namely Mr Ainsley Liew and Mr Adrian Tay.


During the question and answer sessions, they were able to seek clarifications on BB operations. Our newly appointed teachers certainly gained a deeper appreciation of the BB work in schools.